Words of Wisdom: President Geary and Faculty share their advice to new students

Abigail Blonigen

“First of all, listen to all that advice you’ve already heard; they’re right. Second, consider a study abroad trip in your college career. It is vitally important because we are so isolated here. Here is unlike anywhere else in the world. That’s why a study abroad program is so vital. Stretch yourself. Find out the rest of the world isn’t like us. It’s a way to get in touch with yourself too.” — Dr. Tom Morgan, Global Cultural and Language Studies Professor, Director of Peace and Justice Studies

“Be open to change. You’re not here saying: I’m at college to be a _____. You’re here saying: I’m at college to be transformed. I think for first years, and for all of us, it’s important that we’re open to that change. It’s about being open and vulnerable to change, learning new things, and looking at things from a different perspective.” — Dr. Bret Amundson: Director of Choral Activities, Director of General Education

“They have to take their education seriously. When they go into a course, the course itself shouldn’t be the only time they’re thinking about that said material. That ought to be integrated into their other courses so they’re able to think more broadly. They should go beyond what’s in a course. They should read widely and they should read deeply. Not just the bare minimum of what’s required for the course.” — Dr. Douglas Walton: Biology Professor

“Academically, work hard and get help. Be persistent. Be persistent in your working. Don’t get frustrated and give up, just keep trying. If you need it, get help. Get help from your faculty and those in student affairs. Socially, take care of each other. Look out for your friends, look out for the people in your hall, look out for those around you. Make sure people are doing well and having a good experience, and do whatever you can to make it better.” — Dr. Lynne Raschke: Physics Professor

“Spend time with those who value you. Read. Call home but not too often. Seek out multiple faculty mentors, not just one. Read more. Never be scared to speak.” — Dr. Stephanie Johnson: English Professor, Director of the Honors Program

“What makes this College complete is you… each one of you, your unique person, your perspectives, your gifts. What remains for you now is to be open to all that is around you… to willingly step out of your comfort zone, and be prepared for some of the most exciting, challenging, stimulating, and meaningful experiences of your life.” — Dr. Colette Geary: President of St. Scholastica