Where Would CSS Professors be if They Weren’t Teaching?

Alexa Jokinen

Robert Hensley – Associate Professor of Psychology
“For me, if I was not teaching, I have two distinctive avenues I would want to pursue. First, I would like to be a counseling psychologist. I study how college students adjust to breakups, and I would probably want to work with a college student population. Second, I also love to write, so if I wasn’t teaching I would probably be a journalist. I wrote for two different collegiate newspapers while in college, and loved it.”

Zachary Via – Assistant Professor of Chemistry
“If I needed to be responsible and have a job, I’d probably be working for a biotechnology company doing industrial research. If finances weren’t an issue, I’d be living in Crested Butte, Colorado, backcountry skiing in the winter and whitewater kayaking in the summer. Basically, I’d be a ski bum. But teaching at CSS is better than either of those two options–I love it here!”

Bret Amundson – Director of Choral Activities and General Education
“I wanted to be a Television News Anchor. I still do. I want to sit at the table with Gayle, Charlie, and Norah on CBS This Morning so I can read the news and ask thoughtful questions.”

Thomas Morgan – Director of the Alworth Center for the Study of Peace and Justice and Associate Professor of Russian
“I once thought that I’d like to be covering Russian politics for the New York Times. That was once my professional goal. But, I came to my senses and discovered that I could still follow Russian politics and stay in Duluth. And I enjoy teaching very much. However, if digging into the “Russian soul” hadn’t worked out for me, I’d like to have been a part of the International Tennis Federation Men’s Pro Circuit.”

Kevin Quarmby – Assistant Professor of English
“If I had not been a professor, or any of the other things that have filled my life, I dreamed of being an attorney at law. I was accepted for a law degree and was all set on taking this through to the end, but then my acting career took off and law studies fell by the wayside.”
“The idea of representing and speaking for those who for whatever reason could not effectively speak for themselves interested and interests me greatly. In the U.K., though, I applied for and was accepted as a Justice of the Peace, and underwent all the necessary training. After a few years presiding over cases in U.K. courts, I resigned my magistracy position to embark on a professorship in the U.S.”

Martin Pflug – Associate Professor, Chair of the Department of Global, Cultural and Language Studies
“Oh lots of possibilities … Maybe moving through Latinoamérica and doing organic volunteer work along the way in order to promote mutual understandings and write, or maybe be a ranchero and promote sustainability.”

Melanie Talaga – Chemistry Instructor
Of course–that is easy! I would open a bakery. I threatened many times in graduate school that I would quit to become a baker. Baking is my de-stresser, and I like the joy a good cupcake or cheesecake brings to a birthday party or friend. Unfortunately, I lack decorating skills–the chemist in me can come up with a great cake recipe but I lack an artistic side. I will stick to teaching for now.”

Paul LaJeunesse – Assistant Professor of Art
“If I wasn’t teaching I would likely be back in school working towards a degree in landscape architecture. My artistic interests have always been about spatial relationships and how people alter and affect their environment. I would purse landscape architecture as a way to enhance my artistic practice and design public spaces.”