Violence Intervention and Prevention Program Coordinator Leaving CSS

CSS Says Goodbye to Lexie Generous

DyAnna Grondahl

The students, staff and faculty of CSS are losing another member of their community, as Lexie Generous, the Violence Intervention and Prevention (V.I.P.) coordinator, is leaving to find new pursuits in Washington state. Whether or not she will be replaced is unknown, but her work on campus as force for the program has provided individuals with support and given CSS community members opportunities to grow and learn about gender based violence.

When asked in an interview why she is leaving, Generous said, “it’s time.” With nothing holding her back, she is uprooting from CSS after about five years of work. Generous will be venturing to the West coast to find work in Olympia, Washington while reuniting with a close friend, Katie Wieliczkiewicz. After she handles some licensing work, as licensing is different between MN and WA, she will be pursuing a similar career to her current position, but perhaps in a different setting.

Generous said she is honored to have had the privilege to work with individuals and hear their stories. She notes there have been some “deep hurts” and important moments to provide authentic support.

“That’s what the job is all about,” said Generous.

With Title IX changes and other transitions, Generous is uncertain of whether or not someone will be hired to fill her shoes. Her hope for CSS is that the community may grow, engage and become activists for the diverse issues faced each day.

Reflecting on what she will miss about the CSS community, Generous said she has learned a lot at CSS and what it was to be a member of this institution. With the relatively receptive community at the college, Generous hopes that the college can continue to grow in knowledge and activism against problems of gender-based violence.

“Keep on keepin’ on,” said Generous, as her parting words for CSS.