Two Vehicle Robberies Reported on Campus

Abigail Blonigen

Two separate car robberies were reported the weekend of Feb. 11 and 12 in lot number 15. According to Mike Turner, manager of Safety and Security, one student reported their vehicle was unlocked at the time of the robbery, and the other student believed their car was locked.

Turner was unable to share the names of the students or the items which were taken.

“Most crimes of this type are crimes of opportunity,” he said. “That means a person is looking in a vehicle and seeing if there is anything worth their while to try to take.”

Both robberies occurred over a period of days in which students did not access their vehicles, so the time frame of the crimes is uncertain. There is currently no direct information for leads, as there are no security cameras in lot number 15.

However, there are security cameras in parking lot number 17, the lot furthest from the security office. As a result of the cameras, there are very few incidences in that lot. Turner explained he has been trying to move in the direction of increasing the number of security cameras on campus.

“Fortunately over all of our lots we have very low incidences of vehicle vandalism or theft of content,” he explained, reporting there has only been three incidences this academic school year, including these two robberies. Because of the low amount of crime and high price of cameras, it is unlikely other lots will be put under surveillance.

Turner encouraged students to keep valuable items out of sight in their vehicles: in the trunk, glove box, covered, or not in the vehicle at all. He also reminded students to always lock their cars.

“If you see something suspicious, report it,” Turner said.