The Mystery of What Happens to the Lost & Found Finally Uncovered!

Security Supervisor, Zach Babcock, Fills Us In

Breanna Cole

Students, staff, and faculty alike have been wondering what happens to the lost and found items that are never found. Some speculate that there are items from when the College of St. Scholastica first became an institution, since they can not throw anything away. Others believe that they give items away as prizes for events.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” freshman Alex Nistler, said.

With all of these guesses and speculations circling about, The Cable decided to look further into it.

Zach Babcock, the Security Supervisor, decided to spill the beans on what happens to the lost and found items.

“We tend to cycle the regular items every 30-60 days,” said Babcock.

Smaller items such as rings or car keys are kept long term, whereas clothes are kept for 60 days before they get rid of them. After that they are given to students or staff or donated.

“If we don’t do any of those things, we put them out on the table in the Student Union and label them as free. Other than that, it’s nothing too complicated,” Babcock confirmed.

If one has lost anything on campus, more than likely, the Office of Security still has it.

For more questions about the lost and found, contact the Office of Security located near the Student Union or call at: 218-723-5937.