The Icarus Account performed for students on Wednesday, March 1 2017. The twin brother duo, Ty and Trey, dazzled students with their good looks and great singing voices. Photo Cred: Alexandrea Jerome,

The Icarus Account Amazes Scholastica

Allissah Jerome

On Wednesday March 1st, St. Scholastica students welcomed The Icarus Account to the Student Union for CAB’s Coffeehouse night. The Icarus Account is a twin brother duo featuring Ty and Trey Turner. This brother duo not only amazed students with their singing, but also with their good looks. Unfortunately, both brothers are happily married, but their music was amazing!

The Icarus Account had an audience of 30 to 40 students who got to enjoy baked goods, coffee, tea, and hot cocoa while enjoying great music. The Turner brothers began singing when they were fifteen or sixteen years old and have been singing ever since. Wednesday night proved that their hard work payed off. The Turner brothers performed unique original songs including one that reflected back on their time at college before they dropped out. The Turner Brothers also covered more popular songs including songs by Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, and even Nicki Minaj.

The brother duo was able to sing in a wide range of pitches and a wide variety of styles of music, which made their performance even more unique. If you missed The Icarus Account in person on Wednesday, be sure to look them up online!