Students Propose a Renovation in the Science Auditorium

Alexa Jokinen

Have you ever sat in the auditorium over in the Science Building at St. Scholastica? If you have, you would notice the damaged seats and the lack of features such as a well-functioning projector, proper lighting and a quality sound system. A group of St. Scholastica students is currently working to update the Science Auditorium, explaining how it is unattractive to both prospective students and current students in the science programs.

One issue most students feel is important is the seating arrangement. “With the current seating arrangements, it is hard to maintain focus, and the seating also creates a barrier for instructors to teach,” said Ashley Radtke, a sophomore nursing student, “I feel as if the instructors have to work harder in order to convey their message to those who sit in the back of the room.”

A student community survey showed that 97% of students agree that the room is outdated and should be improved, and over 99% want to see new chairs installed.

“A remarkably high number of students describe the seating as painful and lacking back support. The lack of left-handed desks makes seating extremely awkward for several individuals as well,” said Krehl Stringer, a software engineer student.

Technology is also a big issue for many students. “The technology within the auditorium needs to be updated as well,” said Radtke. “The most advanced technology is a projector and a screen. The other technology within in the room is outdated and does not permit for an immersive learning experience with growing pathways of including technology in education.”

Students have created a proposal for the changes they plan to push for, including “new seats with comfortable backing to prevent discomfort, desks with plenty of work space, lighting improvements, a replacement for the current projector setup, a high-quality sound system and a hand railing on the stairs,” said Stringer.

With an elaborate and thought out proposal, students believe these changes will result in an optimal learning environment, which is vital in a college setting.

“The quality of life of students and professors here will improve as a result of these renovations and students will be inclined to speak highly of the school they choose to attend,” said Stringer.

Stringer also expressed how an improved auditorium could help draw in potential students. “The amount of money gained by St. Scholastica from this renovation will offset the costs of implementation. Everybody wins,” said Stringer.