Students Explore Duluth

Fun Places for College Students to See

Lexi Anderson

Duluth is one of the most well-known tourist towns in Minnesota. People come from all over the state and beyond come to see what Duluth has to offer. This city is also a college town, giving home to the College of St. Scholastica, the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and Lake Superior College. Yet, in the midst of studying and participating in various campus activities, some students have not properly explored some of the biggest attractions that this lakeside city has to offer.

One large attraction for many students is the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, or the DECC. Katie Anderson, a sophomore CSS student employed at the DECC, said that many students go there for the entertainment. The DECC commonly hosts hockey games, concerts, conventions, symphonies, and other great shows. Students can buy tickets to see any number of these events that are happening all the time at the DECC. Anderson describes the DECC as “an active environment” and a fun place to be.

Another well-known attraction of Duluth is Enger Tower. Enger Tower is a 5 story structure that looks out over the Duluth Harbor and the St. Louis Bay. The tower is famous for its color changing lights that can be seen at night and the view it presents to those who make the climb to the top. Another sophomore CSS student, Rachana Wright, commented that she has made the trip to Enger Tower many times over the two years she has been in Duluth. Her favorite part about standing at the top is that “the view overlooking the lake at night never gets old, no matter how many times I see it.” The park surrounding Enger Tower is also a great place to explore. There are many small trails around the park that visitors can take out onto rock ledges that give different, but equally beautiful, views of Duluth.

If Lake Superior is what brought students to Duluth, there are ample opportunities to explore the lake side too. Park Point beach spans seven miles and is a relaxing getaway in the early weeks of school before winter sets in. It is only a short distance to Canal Park where some of the most delicious food in Duluth is found. While walking along the beach you can also visit the lighthouse that sits by Canal Park and watch the waves roll across the lake.

Duluth is a great city in which to attend college, and there are many fun ways that college students can explore and see the city they have decided to call home for the next four years of their lives.