St. Scholastica Remembers History through its Archives

Alexis Anderson

Remembering history is vital, and here at the College of St. Scholastica, new steps have been taken to ensure our college’s history will live on. On Thursday, April 20, CSS officially opened its new archive room.

The archives will be used by CSS students for coursework, graduate students from other institutions for their theses, authors for their books and articles, alumni of CSS, family of alumni for genealogy, and faculty, staff, and administration for questions they have about St. Scholastica’s history.

Though the archive room is new, the information withheld in it is not. The College has kept records and materials since its beginning. Heidi Johnson, a librarian at St. Scholastica, said the boxes of materials were kept in closets in the library until they were almost lost twice in two water emergencies in 2012. The archives were then moved to a temporary room in the Science
Center until January 2017 when it was moved to its current location.

The archives contain a variety of items that are either by or about The College of St. Scholastica from 1903 to the present. Such items include documents and publications such as student newspapers and yearbooks, photographs, posters, audio/visual recordings, and memorabilia such as clothing and bowling pins.

“Because of staffing, the Archives will be open to students, faculty, staff, administration, Sisters, and the public by appointment only,” said Johnson. “That said, anyone can request a visit to the archives, and I work really hard to accommodate visitors’ schedules.”

Everyone is encouraged to check out the archives room and learn about the wonderful history of CSS. The knowledge held in the archives will remain a consistent source of knowledge for generations to come.