St. Scholastica Ranks in 2018 Most Affordable Colleges Offering Doctoral Programs

Kate Miller

Choosing to go to St. Scholastica just chalked up another positive on the “reasons why” list. St. Scholastica has been named one of the topped ranked schools of the 2018 Most Affordable Colleges Offering Doctoral Programs list put out by SR Education Group.

Kelsey D’Ewart, Marketing Manager for SR Education Group said, this ranking means Scholastica puts forth effort to “provide economical options for students.”

To be considered for the list, colleges are evaluated by a certain set of criteria. The search starts with 1000 online colleges throughout the nation. For a college to be considered for the list, it needs to be accredited and offer a minimum of three entirely online doctoral degrees. Tuition costs are then collected
directly from each college website manually. Finally, the top 25 colleges in the category are chosen.

The College of St. Scholastica is currently ranked sixth on the 2018 Most Affordable Colleges Offering Doctoral Programs list. As stated on the website, “Each school offers an annual tuition rate of $10,000 or less.”

St. Scholastica offers five online doctoral programs: Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, and Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Overall, the list is to help potential students search for colleges fitting their price ranges.

D’Ewart said, “Our goal at SR Education Group is to make information to higher education as accessible as possible so everyone is able to pursue the education they need to be successful, and as a result individuals interested in pursuing higher education are able to find great schools using our rankings, benefitting both schools and prospective students.”

In addition to the direct benefit of students finding the right college, colleges have found ranking on the list improves their online promotion for their online programs.

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