St. Scholastica Continues Discussion on Immigration with Two Events

Abigail Blonigen

After a largely negative response to the last speaker, Philip Cafaro, the Peace and Justice lecture series continues with Aviva Chomsky next week, offering a different perspective.

Chomsky, professor of history and Coordinator of Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies at Salem State University, will speak on her book, “Undocumented: How Immigration Became Illegal.” According to the description of the book, Chomsky believes the terms “illegal” and “undocumented” were terms created to exploit.

“I don’t know if opposite is the right word, but she definitely offers a different perspective,” said Tom Morgan, Director of Peace and Justice Studies, in comparing Chomsky to the previous speaker. “It’s fair to say they don’t agree with one another.”

Chomsky will argue that borders are an artificial construction which were created fairly recently. “They’re really designed to create a kind of global apartheid,” said Morgan, who both read the book and invited the speaker.

Another point Chomsky will make is that work is a privilege in today’s world. “Today, people want to work, and people want good jobs,” said Morgan. “Good jobs go to the privileged and borders help make that happen.”

Morgan explained that he tries to coordinate the Peace and Justice lectures so attendees can see different views on a topic.

“This is a really complicated issue — immigration — and I think it’s worth hearing these two sides of the question.”

The lecture will take place on Tuesday., March 7 at 7:30 p.m. in the Mitchell Auditorium.

More Discussion on Immigration
The same day as Aviva Chomsky’s lecture, the Latino Student Union will be hosting Minneapolis Council Member Alondra Cano. She will speak about how social movements including immigration, Black Lives Matter, feminism, and water protectors are reclaiming public policy. Her talk will be in the Science Auditorium from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 7.