Sophomore Cor Leadership Launches Its Second Year

“Sophomore Cor Leadership is a program that will turn you from an average leader to a great leader.” – Kyle Hewitt, Class of 2019

Breanna Cole

    There are numerous opportunities at St. Scholastica to help students prepare for their future beyond college.  For example, first year students have many support services such as their Delta groups, Residential Life, and Dignitas. These programs help students adjust to college so they can be successful. Junior year is typically the year of the internship. Many professors expect that by the end of their junior year, students have some sort of applied field experience. By the time senior year rolls around, students have all the activities and support services to help them apply for grad schools, or jump into the workforce. However, even with all of these services, there was gap in the support for second year students. That’s where the Sophomore Cor Leadership Program comes in.  

    The Sophomore Cor Leadership Program is run by Wellness Coordinator, Julie Zaruba-Fountaine. She is in charge of everything that is Well-U affiliated.

     “This is for people who already view themselves as leaders, people who want to be leaders, or people who are interested in building life skills. We talk about relationship building, having difficult conversations, and coming back from challenges. It really hits at a lot of different areas,” Zaruba-Fountaine said.  

    Although this is its second year launch, the Cor Leadership Program had already been in existence. A few years ago, it was a one-day program that took place immediately after finals in May.  However, it wasn’t specialized for sophomores – it was meant for everyone, including freshmen.  

    “[The program] was aimed for anyone, and what a freshman needs isn’t the same thing as what a senior needs. It was basically a one size fits all, and one size doesn’t fit all,” Dean of Students, Megan Perry-Spears said,  “So by saying that this is a sophomore cor leadership program, we can be sure of who we’re aiming for. If juniors and seniors want to come, great, but it’s aimed for sophomore level leadership development.”

    A few years ago, this program was changed to Sophomore Cor Leadership Program, and now it is a year-long process. Signing up is very simple, just show up! There are six workshops available to help build various skills. Students need to attend five out of six in order to complete this program. These workshops typically take place on Sundays for an hour and a half. Once the workshops are completed, students have time to reflect on the skills they have learned, and have the opportunity to use them.

    Students involved with the program last year have wonderful things to say about it.  

          “This program impacted me because it makes you aware that being a leader doesn’t have to be just in a sport or in a company,” Kyle Hewitt, junior, said, “The program helps you realize that everyday you can be a leader with the decisions you make out on the street, in the classroom, or even when you are by yourself.”

    Another former member, Malvern Mandondo also had positive things to say about the Sophomore Cor Leadership Program.

    “I completed the program last spring and attended all of the workshops. I really like how the talks were structured and how the content was very applicable at CSS and other settings that called for one to be a leader. Having a variety of speakers also made the program more interesting,” Mandondo said.  

   Overall, this program has been a success. There were 60 students who completed it last year, but over 80 did part of the program.  Due to the feedback received, it seems as though this program will be continuing for years to come.  

    “We evaluated the program, and the feedback we got back was very positive. This was definitely worth it,” said Zaruba-Fountaine.  

    The Sophomore Cor Leadership is highly recommended by  Megan Perry-Spears.

    “If you ever want to interact with any human being in your life, this is a great program. We don’t want people to do this simply for their resume, but this
looks great on a resume. I strongly recommend students to do this program,” Perry-Spears said.  

    If interested, visit the site listed below or contact Julie Zaruba-Fountaine. The next workshop will be taking place on Nov. 5.