Social Justice: Saints Stomp On

Alysa Ruona

Little do most men know, sexual harassment can be verbal as well as physical. Little do most women know, men are absolutely terrified of the idea of being called out for sexual harassment because it is so abundant in our society and it is a serious crime. From a female college student’s perspective, it’s all we think about. What if I’m drugged at this event? What if I’m alone with a guy and I can’t scream for help? What if I can’t even remember what my perpetrator looked like? There’s these tiny little fears inside our brains that tell us that rape and sexual assault is real and dangerous.

Most men don’t realize that we can agree to have sex at one moment, and change our minds because we have a moment of clarity. What they can do is just ask. Is this alright? Are you comfortable? Do you really want to do this? And truly ask yourself this question: Do I feel uncomfortable doing this? Am I, in any way, being too forceful? And am I doing this just to give my boys a good laugh in the morning? If you said yes to any of these, it’s best you not have sex. However, it’s not that easy.

Campus rapes and sexual harassments have been a nationwide epidemic. The social injustices, such as the Stanford swimmer who raped an unconscious girl behind a trash bin, are only a small dot in the bigger picture. Our school provides a huge support group to prevent these tragedies: the GEVA team, Saints Step In, and more. However, there are still ways in which we can prevent this on campus. I know we can all pitch in to do more on campus to prevent verbal, physical and emotional sexual harassment. There are more ways we can prevent girls from being treated like sex objects or prizes, and that starts by reminding everyone that these are smart, beautiful, and ambitious girls and guys. And most importantly, they are equals. It starts with the individual to make a change, and it takes many individuals who have changed to make a difference.