SNOW DAY! Yay Or Nay?

Unexpected Early Start to Fall Break After Classes Cancelled

Breanna Cole

Although Minnesota is known for its brutal winters, no one was prepared to wake up with a full blanket of snow on Friday morning of Oct. 27. Some were jumping for joy at the emergence of a winter wonderland, while others were not pleased with this early arrival of the winter season.

The Safety and Facilities Department was caught off-guard with this snow, but they made their best effort to remove the snow in a timely manner to ensure the safety of the campus. Even with such a tremendous effort, they had to take further action. With the thick and wet snow, roads became pretty slick on campus, causing vehicles to get stuck. With this, the Safety and Facilities Department decided it was for the better to cancel classes later that day.

“In this particular case, due to vehicles getting stuck, having a hard time maintaining snow removal, and the forecast stating it would most likely to continue, we had to make a decision to close campus for the safety of our community,” manager of the Safety and Facilities Department, Mike Turner said.

Many students were very pleased with this snow day. For example, senior elementary education major, Elaina Wald, and her friends decided to take advantage of the snow.

“My friends and I decided to capitalize on the snow day and go cross country skiing at Chester. All of us were thrilled to see snow so early,” Wald said, “I
think the added buzz of it being Friday just made it more exciting to have school cancelled so we could enjoy the weather.”

Freshman communications major, Cece Boyle, also enjoyed having the snow day.

“I think that the snow cancellation was great! It was awesome getting to start the long weekend a little bit earlier,” Boyle stated.

With a few exceptions, many members of the CSS community saw the snow day as a good thing. It was a well-deserved early break for a great first half of the fall semester. Turner even remarked, “It stopped snowing sooner than we anticipated, which left us with a beautiful afternoon.”

Whatever this means for this year’s winter, there’s no way to predict it. However, looking on the bright side of things, this will surely be a day to remember for years to come.