Senate Wraps Up for the Semester

Allie Brennhofer

Student Senate began a new monthly award, Saint of the Month. Ashley Radtke, a nursing student, won December’s award. She was given a certificate and a water bottle for the honor. In the future, all of Senate will vote on the recipients.

Brian Jamros, the director of athletics, spoke about connecting the athletic department at the College of Saint Scholastica with Senate and the rest of the community. He said there are 22 varsity sports and over 500 student athletes at CSS.

Jamros’ purview does not oversee club sports or intramurals. Internal Affairs Chair Gabe Graves asked about the possibility of folding club sports under
Jamros’ department, to save Senate money.

“I think club athletics are something that’s been really growing recently, rugby, hockey, tennis in the past… We spend a significant portion of our funding on these clubs. I’m curious, it may not be feasible to merge into the athletics, but is there any sort of support in the future that you could see for these kind of things, that really do pull students in on campus and give them a good experience,” Graves said.

Jamros replied that he thought they should be integrated under athletics, but funding is an issue. He also expressed concern over the safety of club athletes.

President Jason Chavez gave an update on the Swipe Out Hunger campaign Senate has been working on. He and Vice President Monica Boyer met with various CSS administration and an Aramark representative from the area.

“There was a little push–there was full pushback on this Swipe Out Hunger program we want to start on the campus, saying we’re not like other colleges, so it’s not really possible to do,” Chavez said.

Boyer clarified this came from the Aramark representative, not anyone from CSS.

This prompted Chavez to present a written proposal to Senate. When questioned about the pushback from Aramark, there were conflicting opinions.

“From my understanding, it’s because we’re a smaller campus, and I think she hasn’t seen it at a campus our size yet … It would be a change for Aramark, for Scholastica,” she said, adding in response to a question about profits, “Not so much losing profits, but they have to think differently about how they do things at Scholastica.”

Chavez jumped in and offered his opinion.

“It kind of probably does add to the monetary too. They would be losing money, all of those students do pay for the swipes. Any swipe that is given to other students, it’s their loss, so that probably is part of her pushback,” Chavez said.

Senate voted on the proposal and it passed, 29-0-0.

Chavez and Boyer presented a slideshow full of everything Senate had accomplished this semester, including issuing a statement on DACA and a campus safety

Financial Vice President Andrew Bailey and External Affairs Chair Maggie Beasley presented their ideas for renovating the student union, which included getting rid of the existing couches and chairs and replacing them with a foosball table, a pool table, and a ping pong table. Bar seating would go along the wall that Campus Ministry and the room 20D are on now, with 20D also becoming student used space. Senate voted to approve this proposal 30-0-0.

Diversity and Inclusion Chair Will Richardson gave updates to the Gender Inclusive Restroom Project proposal, which now includes four locations in the Science building.