Senate Proposes Registration Time Change

Registration for Classes now at 9:00 p.m.

Alexa Jokinen

Registration day: 12 different tabs open on your computer, multiple mock schedules laying around, CRN numbers etched into random sheets of paper, and staying awake until midnight to enroll in classes for next semester – not anymore, Saints. The registration time for all students is changing from midnight to 9:00 p.m. This change will be put in effect next week while students are registering for their 2017 fall semester.

Julie Zaruba Fountaine, Wellness Coordinator at St. Scholastica, along with Tad Sears, Director of the Student Center for Health and Well-Being, and Megan Perry-Spears, Dean of Students, have reviewed information collected from students in the past year. Upon reviewal of the information, the team found many negative comments concerning the current registration time.

“The theme was the negative impact a lack of sleep has on our students,” said Zaruba Fountaine.

Due to many students expressing concerns with their lack of sleep, the SleepWell team was formed at St. Scholastica. SleepWell is a group dedicated to increasing the quality of sleep for St. Scholastica students, as well as changing the registration time.

With the push from the SleepWell team and Perry-Spears, Senate proposed the change in registration time.

Many students at St. Scholastica have expressed excitement and relief of the registration time change.

“One hundred percent of the students I have talked to are psyched,” said Perry-Spears.

“Some students have cheered once I told them about the registration change,” said Zaruba Fountaine.

Zaruba Fountaine is also a professor in the Dignitas program and expressed another positive to the registration change.

“I believe it will make advising students easier because I will be able to help them during the time they are registering if any issues arise,” said Zaruba Fountaine.

When registration was at midnight, many students would have issues and questions left unresolved, often stressful with a limited number of seats in many popular courses at St. Scholastica.

Logan Johnson, a sophomore in the Health Information Management program, was surprised by the time change. “I actually had no idea registration times were being changed to 9:00 p.m. instead of midnight! I know staying up until midnight can be a stretch for me some nights, so I’ll especially enjoy this change.”

With the three-hour registration time change starting next week, many are hopeful students will take this to their advantage, get a good night sleep and feel prepared to finish out the spring semester strong.