Senate Discontinues Endeavor Fund

DyAnna Grondahl

Because of the severity of its shrinking budget, Student Senate has dropped a popular pool of money that was once used for funding campus improvement projects.

The Endeavor Fund, an account which had funds set aside at the beginning of each semester, was unique in that students were primarily in control of what the money could be used for.

In the past, students submitted requests which were discussed by Senate and voted on. Last year, the endeavor fund’s $15,000 was responsible for the installation of a new water bottle filler and water fountain in the library, among other projects.

The picture for the endeavor fund is a bit different this year. As a result of reduced finances, Student Senate has moved to discontinue the endeavor fund until further notice. Bailey Barber, who serves as Senate’s Financial Vice President, stated that given the financial strain, it made more sense for Senate to dedicate their budget to club activities. While the endeavor fund is taking a hiatus, Barber is hopeful that it will return.

“Once we figure out this new system and get back on our feet, hopefully we will start doing it again,” said Barber. “Because I think it’s a really good thing.”