Senate Considers Requests Tabled From Last Week

Allie Brennhofer

Senate heard two requests that had been tabled at the previous meeting, Alternative Break Experience and Club Hockey, as well as a Sept. 12 request from Northern Explorers that had been misplaced.

The Alternative Break Experience, or ABE, had requested money for two trips at the previous meeting, for Los Angeles and New Orleans. However, they decided to cancel the New Orleans trip because they are aware of Senate’s financial situation. They still requested $4,609 for the Los Angeles trip to pay for transportation and the site donation, which they give the homeless shelter they stay at because the shelter does not charge them for staying there. Students would pay around $450 out of pocket if they received the full amount requested.

“I’m not trying to minimize your trip or what you’re doing at all by any means. I just think personally as a representative for 50 students, putting all of this money towards 11 students is really hard for me…With the transition we’re going through financially too, it’s really hard for us to make cuts on people. But I just feel it’s kind of necessary at this point,” Senator Rachel Anderson said.

She, with other senators, offered alternative figures that seemed reasonable for the request, such as $1,925 or $2,258. The $2,258 figure came from only funding the site donation, cutting the transportation portion of the request.

Senate Advisor Marisa Sanderson cautioned the senate that their decision could impact the way future trips are funded.

“Are you going to stay the same and only fund the registration and stuff like that and not the transportation? Because it needs to be consistent with all of everything,” Sanderson said. “Just keep in mind that whatever you do for the one trip, would be fair to do for the other trips as well.”

There was an amendment to make the request $2,409, which passed with 24 yeses and 3 nos. The actual vote after the amendment passed also passed with the same votes.

ABE also wanted to request money for their Kentucky and Guatemala trips, which take place over Spring Break. Typically, unless there is a specific deadline in the fall semester, Senate does not allocate funds from the fall budget for spring activities. It was stated,however, that it would have been very beneficial for the students going on the trip to know how much they would pay out of pocket before the new semester started.

“I am really uncomfortable allocating money for the spring semester when I know that there are many other spring break trips, that if they learn of this. I don’t know. I just think it’s unfair to them. Because they’re allocating money now for something that will happen in a different semester,” Senator Cayla Fogle said.

The rest of Senate seemed to agree with Fogle because they voted to table the request until next semester with a unanimous vote.

Club Hockey Slims Request
Club Hockey also returned at this meeting with a new request of $5,140, a significant decrease from the previous request of $11,640. Some senators were still looking for ways to save money. The request included $575 for food during the away games and a senator recommended cutting that and having the club have a potluck of sorts instead. The request was then amended down to $4,565.

“I am hard pressed to remember a time where we asked any club to start providing their own food for any trip or conference…I could be wrong on that, but I don’t remember a single instance that we’ve done that. I urge caution because precedence is a thing. I just don’t know if we should just start cutting one column out of our Financial Handbook. It’s important to be cautious with our limited funds. But it’s also important not to overreact, not to start making rash decisions,” Vice President Zach Meikle said.

Meikle called a Point of Protest after the amendment passed and $4,565 was allocated to Club Hockey. A Point of Protest can be called whenever a senator does not agree with the decision Senate comes to. It goes into the meeting minutes as the senator officially disagreeing with the allocation or decision.

After all of the requests were heard, Student Activities Chair Rachel Rees motioned to have a five minute colloqui. A colloqui is a set period of time where senators are free to speak, as opposed to the speakers list they usually follow, and the Administrative Vice-President Jocelyn Wiegand does not take notes for the meeting minutes. The topic of this colloqui was to talk about community involvement. At a previous meeting, the ASL and Deaf Culture Club had requested money for events that were for students and the community. This had raised some questions because Senate is not allowed to pay for things for community members. The ASL and Deaf Culture Club, however, depends on the community to help their students interact and learn more about ASL. The point was made that the events were not exclusively for community members, but both students and community members.

After the meeting’s allocations, the estimate for the General Fund was $14,076.58.

Club/Organization Amount Requested Vote (Yes,No,Present)

Northern Explorers

$4,395 for half the cost of trips and events they lead


ABE-Los Angeles/VITA

$4,609 for service trip, received $2,409



$3,354 for service trip, request was tabled till next semester



$4,609 for service trip, request was tabled till next semester


Club Hockey

$5,140 for costs associated with playing, received $4,565


Asian Student Union

$4,190 for service trip to LA, request was tabled till next semester


Jump Into Science

$185 for supplies for engineering project with Upward Bound students


Student Athlete Advisory Committee

$1,100 for t-shirts and prizes for going to sporting events, received $600