Senate Allocates $500 to Clubs

DyAnna Grondahl

Senate ended their Nov. 14 meeting after allocating $500 of the small amount left in the general fund.

After 28 senators filed into the room, they discussed fund allocations for German and Investment clubs and the Muslim Student Association. They voted yes on all requests and decreased their general fund to an evermore meager sum. As the beginning of the meeting, the fund stood at $1,862.96, and after the multiple fund allocations it stands about $500 shorter. The fund, as Zach Meikle, Senate Executive Vice President put it, is holding on for dear life.

Senate Vice President Zach Meikle reminded the senators of Philanthropy week and the annual “Thank Your Legislator Event.”

After a few more announcements, Mark Loscheider of Senate Internal Affairs addressed the attendance issue, stating it has been “rough.” Senate has failed to meet quorum once this semester. In order to meet quorum, two thirds of senators must be present. If there are not enough senators, Senate is unable to vote on requests. The senate runs on a “three strikes and you’re out,” code according to the handbook. Meaning, if a senator misses three meetings, they could be forced to resign from their senatorial duties. Loscheider finished his comments by pleading the attendees to be sure to be present at meetings.

The meeting reached its conclusion after a presentation about the “Veteran Experience,” an upcoming event that is predicted to be a big deal. The event will include a speaker and veteran panel who will speak about PTSD and veterans in the school system. A strong senate presence was requested to be in attendance at said event which is to be on Dec, 1 at 4:00 p.m.. It was spoken about in a manner that eludes to it being quite a large event, possibly with President Colette Geary present among many other faculty members.