Senate Allocates $23,040 to Clubs

Allie Brennhofer

Financial Vice President Bailey Barber did not have the firm numbers for Student Senate’s semester budget at Sunday night’s meeting, so she did some math and came up with her own estimate to give the Senate an idea of what they have to work with. She came to the estimation of $55,782.66 before the meeting started. The estimate then dropped to $32,742.66 after the meeting’s allocations.

“Marisa [Sanderson] can’t be here tonight, so she doesn’t have her detailed numbers. But I kind of went by what we’d been talking about recently, just to give you something to go on. It’s not exact. Including what we allocated last week, we have $55,782.66 left for the semester,” FVP Barber said at the beginning of the meeting.

The biggest request of the meeting came from Latino Student Union for $10,725 for their Latinos in Education Week. The two primary spokespeople from the club, Diana Mena and Ixyana Gonzales, explained that they had cut many of the costs down from last year as well as using fundraising money to pay for parts of the week.

“Is there any other way to cut back? Because I know you guys are doing great at that, it sounds like you have, it’s just, money’s tight,” Internal Affairs Chair Mark Loscheider said.

Ultimately, Senate voted to grant Latino Student Union the full amount with a vote of 25 yes votes and three present votes.

Earlier in the meeting, Senate voted to give Sisterhood at CSS $150 for craft supplies to use while volunteering at Safe Haven Shelter for Domestic Violence. However, this allocation was called into question when ASL and Deaf Culture Club requested $350 for candy, prizes, and supplies for their Signing Halloween Carnival, which lets the club members practice and teach sign language to the children of faculty and community members.

The Finance Committee initially moved to allocate $0.

“Because this event is open to community members that are not students, it’s not in our handbook to fund … ” Finance Chair Nafisa Ibrahim said.

Many senators disagreed with this sentiment, bringing up the money for Safe Haven.
“I feel like with them making crafts at Safe Haven, they’re probably not going to bring all the crafts back. I would assume that the crafts are probably for the women that are in the shelter,” Senator Rachel Anderson said.

After many comments, Senate decided that the request was not against the Financial Handbook and voted on restoring the request to $350. Once the request read $350, the vote passed 27-1-0.

At the end of the meeting, FVP Barber gave her updated estimate for the budget for the rest of the semester — $32,742.66. She also had some advice for the senators.

“I think we’re looking at about six more meetings for the semester … Just keep that in mind, we don’t have a lot of funds left for the year. Make sure you’re really thinking about what’s going to benefit the most students in each request. Just because something is to handbook doesn’t mean that you have to vote yes on it, if you feel that it’s not really benefiting a lot of students. This is your time to use your voice and represent your students and how you think that we should be spending their money. So just be mindful of that,” FVP Barber said.

Club/Organization Amount Requested Vote (Yes,No,Present)
Calling All Catholics $4,575 for Seek conference 23-3-2
Pre-Physician’s Assistant Club $20 for snacks for first meeting 27-0-1
Sisterhood at CSS $150 for craft supplies while volunteering 27-1-0
Sisterhood at CSS $125 for food for meetings, received $25 for one meeting’s food 25-3-0
Justice Together $1,560 for Justice Week 24-3-1
International Club $1,400 for various activities for international students 24-2-2
International Club $1,685 for Black Tie Event 25-1-2
Latino Student Union $10,725 for Latinos in Education Week 25-0-3
Latino Student Union $400 for food during Washington DC trip for immigration 24-1-3
ASL and Deaf Culture Club $2,680 for Ed Chevy to come perform. Request tabled until next week. 25-2-1
ASL and Deaf Culture Club $350 for annual Signing Halloween Carnival 27-1-0
Swim Club $3,150 for pool time, lifeguards, and locker rooms. Received $2,150 because of time already spent at pool, considered retropay. 26-2-0