Scholastica Welcomes Christmas

Campus Ministry’s Advent Vespers Celebration

Emily Kiemele

For years, the College of St. Scholastica has hosted the Advent Vespers Celebration in the Chapel. Advent is the season observed by many Christians that focuses on preparing for Christmas; expectant waiting to commemorate the holiday, as advent is Latin for “coming.”

Nathan Langer, director of Campus Ministry at the college, said the Advent Vespers Celebration is an ecumenical prayer service. This means it is supportive of many different bodies of churches, inclusive of different denominations of Christianity. The service will have many different elements to it, including the CSS Brass ensemble, the monastery’s Schola, readings from scripture, prayers, as well as performances by two CSS choirs, Vox Anima and Cantus Chord.

The event is a highlight for a lot of students. “It is an opportunity for the college, monastery, and Duluth communities to come together,” said Langer.

The celebratory service is also followed by a candlelight procession, leading into Lighting a Tradition. This portion is the event is where all of the Christmas lights adorning Tower Hall are lit, and all in attendance sing Christmas carols.

The Advent Vespers Celebration will take place on Tuesday, the Dec. 5 at 4:30 p.m. in the Chapel.