Saints Finding Common Ground

DyAnna Grondahl

The political environment in the U.S. at this time is hyper-partisan to a detrimental extent. The largest issue with hyper-partisanship is the lack of finding common ground. Without common ground, conversations easily become aggressive, strained, and so on. How can we have important conversations without wanting to throw pencils at the people who disagree with us?

In this corner of the world, luck is on our side. Simply put, the Benedictine values serve as a great scope of common ground. Is it possible that the jargon that MPS spits out at every community event, lecture and orientation could hold some truth? The answer is yes. Respect, Community, Hospitality, Stewardship and Love of Learning are our core values for many reasons.

In this current climate it is easy to get defensive, make charged statements, and stomp away in a huff thinking to yourself that you won. Instead, let’s respect opposition. Love the learning that comes with conversations and research, and let’s continue building this community to have the strength and understanding it can. After all, that is what being a Saint is all about.