REVIEW: Rock Show 5: The Forgettable “Unforgettables”

Allissah Jerome

The world of music is full of a variety of genres. There are many traditional songs that everyone knows, but no one really knows what they are. For instance, most people will recognize the song that plays during a circus when the clowns are juggling, but few people remember the name of the tune. Although you might not know the title or who composed the piece, you can hum it to yourself and it will be stuck in your head most of the day. That is just the sort of song that The Forgettable “Unforgettables” concert was all about.

If you still can’t remember the name of the circus song, it is called “Entry of the Gladiators” by Julius Fucik. After the introduction, you’d recognize the tune immediately.

Jeremy Craycraft and Eric Hagmann put together a wonderful concert on November 19, 2016. Together, the Saints Drumline, Hand Drum Ensemble, Steel Band and Vocal Revolution took audience members on a trip down memory lane. It was a unique and unforgettable experience. Audience members listened to all sorts of “unforgettable” tunes including everything from “Entry of the Gladiators” to “Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)” by Robert Palmer.

Besides the unique tunes the groups performed, Craycraft did something else to take the concert to the next level. Instead of giving audience members a concert bulletin that contained the names and artists of the different pieces that would be played throughout the concert, Craycraft gave the audience members a nearly blank bulletin. The idea behind this was that as audience members listened to each of the different pieces; which were only thirty seconds to one minute snippets of each song, they had the opportunity to “fill in the blanks” in their bulletin with either the name of the song or the author of the piece. Overall, audience members seemed to really enjoy this new twist as you could hear excited chatter after each song was revealed. This new twist seemed to keep audience members more engaged with the music and concert.

After the concert ended, the individuals with the most correct blanks filled in won a t-shirt from one of the musical groups.

Surprisingly, not one of the audience members guessed each of the twenty different pieces correctly. Despite this, four individuals did go home with free t-shirts and the concert was truly an “unforgettable” event.

Having participated in band and choir throughout high school, I really appreciated what Craycraft and Hagmann did to make this concert truly unique. It was great to finally put a name to all of those unforgettable tunes, but unfortunately, I doubt the names will stick with me and eventually they will become the ‘forgettable unforgettables’ once again. Overall, Craycraft and Hagmann did a great job bringing together the College of St. Scholastica drumline, hand drum ensemble, steel band, and vocal revolution into one immensely unique concert.