Mayfest Coffeehouse: Brandon Chase performs in the Mitchell Auditorium on Monday, April 18. (Cable Photo/Maggie Grob)

REVIEW: It’s All About the Chase

Brandon Chase and Chris Biano bring country to CSS.

DyAnna Grondahl

The Fox in Socks was an appropriate title for Mayfest Monday’s event. It was clear that the audience enjoyed the music as well as the musicians. Students drawn to the Mitchell for the event were greeted with donuts and left with smiles, and some with gift cards.

Mitchell Auditorium wasn’t packed, but there were certainly too many people in attendance to host the show in the Student Union, where CAB’s Coffeehouse events are normally located. That paired with having three musicians instead of just one made the location change necessary.

“The turnout was great. It would have been super crowded if it was in The Union,” said Rachel Anderson, a member of CAB who is highly active in event coordination.

Chris Biano (“Piano with a B”), a friend and co-writer with Chase, was the first to serenade the audience. He played a mixture of sweet and summery tunes. One titled “Tacklebox” was about his late father. His smooth tunes offered a genuine and warm intro to the event. Biano was approachable, just a guy on stage with a guitar, singing songs and melting hearts.

Biano set the bar high, and Chase took the challenge and ran with it. He came in with backup: a drummer and another guitarist. They were three approachable beings on stage singing and being awkward. It was alright though, because they owned it.

It took them a few minutes to get going. Because Biano was more of a gentle artist that ended with a heartbreaking melody, Chase’s addition of drums and electric guitar was a lot to take in. However, once they warmed up and got into the music a bit, things calmed down. The show was paradoxical in the sense that the beginning seemed chaotic, but not with the fan-girling type of chaos most bands go for.

Brandon Chase in one word: splendid. They played great music. After the band got comfortable performing and made a few jokes, I could relax and enjoy their presence. I am not a huge fan of country music, but I can definitely say that I, and the individuals around me, enjoyed the Coffeehouse.

“I thought that was pretty cool. He had a very pretty voice and I knew some songs, so it was rocking,” said Megan Wines, a Junior ExPhys major, “it was great and I won $25 to BDubs.”

It was the first time for all of the guys in Minnesota. They tried really hard to get us to sing along and dance. Sadly, no one was Bold and Benedictine enough to go for it. I was too busy being entertained by Chase’s funny singing faces and this little-foot-dancy-thing.

The group as a whole had a great dynamic; they were funny guys. At one point Chase referred to themselves as, “professional idiots,” and they all mentioned their immense excitement to perform in our castle.

“CSS is the coolest college I’ve ever been to…” said Chris Biano, the opening artist, “Because they have a castle and they let us play in it.”