Residential Life Answers Questions Regarding Housing and Winter Break

Questions Rise From First Year Students

Breanna Cole

‘Tis the season! Winter break is just around the corner, and with that there are endless amounts of questions coming from first year students, especially regarding rooming situations for the spring semester.

“Do you have to automatically have a roommate if your roommate leaves, like a transfer student coming in for example?” freshman nursing student, Lauren Zantua, asked.

With questions like Zantua’s and others arising, R.A. Daniela Moreno Gomez had some answers that may help.

“You don’t necessarily have to gain a roommate. Last year two of my roommates moved out and I ended up sharing the apartment I lived in with just one other student. This really depends on whether transfer students are moving on campus, or students who are already living on campus have been approved to switch rooms,” said Moreno Gomez.

While some may be worrying about gaining a roommate, others are curious on whether or not people continue to live in the dorms after winter break.

“The people who decide to live off campus after winter break are mainly those students who are living in the apartments. The reason why most decide to this is for financial reasons.

Subleasing a room or apartment elsewhere is usually cheaper, and their housing contracts start during the spring semester,” said Moreno Gomez, “From the other students I know there seems to be a greater percentage of them who have decided to move out after this winter break.”

With this information, coming back from winter break does not seem to be as confusing as before. There may be some changes for a select few, but overall, the changes won’t be significant.

For those first year students with further questions/concerns about rooming situations, contact any R.A. or the Office of Residential Life for more information.