A familiar face around Storms Den, Nancy Sawyer. (Cable Photo/Maggie Grob)

Q&A with Nancy Sawyer

Alexandrea Jerome

What is your role on campus/title?
Right now, it’s a cashier.

Why did you decide to work here?
I started out just at part-time hours because I had kids at school, and wanted to be home when they got home from school. And I’ve been here ever since, it’s been like 20 years. And I’ve done everything from prep to salad to cook to cashier.

What is your favorite food item on campus? Why
I like the philly cheese steak sandwiches. They are super good, and we sell a lot of them. Those, and the yogurt parfaits.

Where is your favorite place to eat on campus? Why
I’ve never eaten at Einstein’s, so I can’t say that. I would have to say Storm’s Den. I need to try Einstein’s.

What is your favorite part of your job here on campus? Why
The students. I see the same faces every day and year after year, and then new kids come in and it’s just fun interacting with the kids. It keeps me young. And I get to see them progress, so that’s my favorite part for sure.

What is your least favorite part of your job here on campus? Why
Getting up so early. I have to start work at 6:30 a.m. That’s my least favorite. I am not a morning person and never have been, so I struggle with it.

What do you do outside of your job for fun?
I like to garden, and listen to books on tape. That’s fun, and it puts me to sleep. I like to get together with my family and my kids. I have one grandkid officially, but I consider three. I have two others that aren’t officially my grandkids, but I treat them like my grandkids. I have three kids. They’re all older. Well the youngest is 26 and the oldest is 36. But I miss my grandkids; they moved to Oregon, so it’s hard. I get to see them during the summers if I go get them. All my kids are here in Duluth just the grandkids are away. They didn’t get to come visit me last summer. I just didn’t have the funds to go get them, but this summer for sure I am going to go pick them up.

When are the best times to get the best meal at Storms and GDR? Why
I don’t know about the greenview, but Storm’s Den I would guess lunch time. You might have to wait a few minutes but it’s always fresh and good. About 9:30-10:00 am is a good time when it’s fresh but not as busy. I don’t think it’s real busy ever, compared to what it used to be years ago. We used to have lines out the door all the way. Now I think it’s, people just don’t want to wait. But I would say the best time to get a meal, I would say, around 1:00pm and not have to wait. In the afternoon kind of, right before lunch or right after.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I love working as St. Scholastica I always have. I never went here as a student but a couple of my kids and step kids went here, but all stopped during their Junior year which was very disappointing to me. But, no I never did go here. I just love it here. I love the people, all the college kids, adnd all the staff and professors that come through. You really get to know them. They are very hospitable.