Q&A with Kayla McClintock

Breanna Cole

Where are you from?
I am from Royalton, MN a small farm town that is located 20 minutes north of St. Cloud. I usually just tell people I am from the St. Cloud area.

How did you choose the College of Saint Scholastica?
I received mail from Scholastica and it made me interested because it was so beautiful. I applied to six other colleges, but I toured CSS first. I fell in love right away. Plus, I am a nursing major and their nursing program has very high marks.

What is your year and major?
I am a junior nursing major in the honors program.

Why did you choose your major?
To make a long story short, I chose nursing because I love to help people. I have been interested in the health care/medical field my whole life. My sophomore through senior years of high school, nurses touched my life in a very special way. I wanted to be like them. I wanted to touch people’s lives without anything in return except them feeling better.

What are you involved in?
I am involved in the honors program, Black Student Union (BSU), Student Nursing Association (SNA), Multi-ethnic Student Union (MESU), and Multicultural Leadership Orientation (MLO) during the summer.

What’s your favorite class/professor?
This is a difficult question. I have really enjoyed most of my classes and professors here. One of my favorite professors was Dr. Stein who is now retired, I think. He taught chemistry in a way that you could see his passion for the subject pour out. It made me excited to learn. I also love my nursing lab classes because they provide an opportunity to learn skills hands on.

What do you plan to do after you graduate?
After I graduate, I plan to work in the field for a year or two before deciding on if I want to go back to grad school. My passion currently is pediatric home care and public health. I want to help people that aren’t as fortunate to have amazing health care access.

What are some of your best experiences at CSS?
Some of my best experiences at CSS include times where I am with people that make me feel comfortable, wanted, and loved. MLO during the summers has been amazing. I also have a great time going to the many events that our campus offers with my friends. I don’t have a specific memory that I could pick out.

Are there any embarrassing/funny moments here?
My most embarrassing moment was the first week of my freshman year. In GDR, I was just about to eat breakfast. But, before I sat down, I tripped and spilled my yogurt everywhere! Of course, I happened to trip in front of a huge table of football players who just stared and laughed at me. Let’s just say I really made sure to walk safely the rest of the year.

Who do you look up to/who has helped you get this far?
I look up to other nursing students who have been/are in the same struggle as me. Especially my friends: Tiaj, Alicia, and Alli. They motivate me to be the best student I could possibly be. I also have a very supportive boyfriend who has been there for me everytime I break down. My biggest motivation though is my five youngest siblings. I want to graduate college to show them that it is possible. With hard work, you can accomplish any dreams you have. I am a first generation student, so I can show my siblings that they have a role model that has been through it.

What are you looking forward to most in your future?
I am looking forward to helping others and making an impact on people’s lives. I want a career that doesn’t feel like work. I want to be fulfilled and have a family that I can go home to every night.

Any advice to CSS students?
My advice: Find a balance between school and fun early. Make a schedule to do homework, but also make sure to have fun. College is an amazing time to meet people and experience new things so make time for that too. But, ultimately you are here to get a degree, so make time for school work. The balance is difficult, but use a planner and schedule time and stick to it.