Karen Diver with former President Obama. -Taken by White House Photographer Pete Souza

Q&A with Karen Diver

Nick Stenstrup

What is your role on campus?
My title is Faculty Fellow for Inclusive Excellence – Native American Affairs. It is a new position. Looking at the inclusive excellence plan, the institution wants to look at Native American affairs. That is the predominant community of color in this area, and there are many social indicators.

What made you choose St. Scholastica?
This is my home, living on the reservation on the North End. I was temporarily away for my job.

What was it like working for President Obama?

The Obama Administration is quite universally believed to be the most supportive of the Native Americans, more than Richard Nixon. He restored “tribal homelands” while being supportive.

Interests outside of your job?
I spend an awful lot of time with my parents. They are elders, so that’s precious time to me right now. I am lucky they are still with me and I take seriously the time I have with them. I enjoy baking and antiquing as well.

Favorite thing about CSS so far?
The college is a very warm-working environment. It has been apparent from day one how much they are committed to the Benedictine values.