Photo of James Crane

Q&A With James Crane

Nick Stenstrup

What is your role here on campus?
To be handsome – just kidding. I’m the chair of English department and I teach Early American 19th Century Literature and other writing classes.

How did you decide this was what you wanted to do as a career?
I almost was a high school teacher, but then I realized that if you want to be a high school teacher you have to love people and you don’t have too much time for your passion. To be a college teacher, you have to like people, which is fine, but you get to do your passion. My passion for literature drove me here. I get to focus on literature.

What drew you to work for this campus?
It’s in a beautiful area, and St. Scholastica had the type of students that I knew I could reach and connect with and help them achieve their goals. The Benedictine values really do matter to me as well. I think it makes CSS attractive and give it a distinct character

Have you lived in Duluth your whole life?
No, I moved here in 2007 and lived in Chicago teaching part time at Loyola University prior to Scholastica.

What are some interests you have outside of your job here?
Horror movies, sci-fi, music, hiking.

What’s your favorite thing about working at CSS?
The students and getting to talk about 19th century culture with them. I think it helps them to recognize why some aspects of our shared cultural history are so important, especially now.