Community Conversation: Protest

First and last name: Michael Johnson

Protesting is one of the most tangible ways we at CSS can live out the Benedictine Values to their fullest extent. Participating in demonstrations has given me additional learning experiences that are totally outside what one might experience in the classroom, and I would argue that these experiences have been just as formative as any of the classes I’ve taken here.

In the past, groups of CSS students have traveled to Ft. Benning, GA to protest the School of the Americas (the SOA). The SOA is a military complex which trains citizens of Central and South American countries in warfare tactics that eventually uphold problematic governmental regimes. I experienced the protest in my sophomore year, and I learned so much about direct action and social change, and it allowed me to network with folks working on different social issues all over the nation. I definitely wouldn’t have had this opportunity had it not been for me being here at CSS, and I’m thankful that our community makes these sorts of experiences available.