Pros and Cons of Having a Vehicle on Campus

Nick Stenstrup

The College of Saint Scholastica has a total of five parking lots for students that live on campus, and a total of six parking lots for students who commute to campus. Every school day, one can expect to see these parking lots full of cars belonging students and staff. It may seem like everyone on campus has a car, however this is certainly not the case.

Commuter parking passes and on campus parking passes cost $75 a semester, or $150 for a full year. Fines issued by security range from $25-$100 depending on the offence.

Many students struggle to find work because of not having transportation. Sylas Lies, a sophomore nursing major, spoke of these issues.

“I have to find a ride to work every shift because I do not have a car, and because I do not have my own car, I can’t work the hours I want to work,” said Lies.

With almost all student employment slots filled, finding a job on campus can be very difficult, especially if the time commitment interferes with classes during the day.

“I also can’t go to the grocery store as much as I want to, which isn’t the best,” Lies added.

With the outgoing campus community at CSS, students who do not have their own transportation are usually able to find friends that do have a car.

“I like having a car on campus because I can leave whenever I want and I do not have to rely on someone else’s transportation or the bus to get a ride to where I need to go,” said August Mader, another sophomore nursing major. “I can bring friends along as well and we can all get to where we need to go much faster.”

He also added, “I can play my own music. It’s nice for long drives home, which is almost four hours away.”

While having a car on campus certainly has its benefits, going without does save money on parking passes, insurance, gas, and upkeep costs. Before making a decision on whether or not to have a vehicle at CSS, students should debate the pros and cons and decide what is best for them.