Preview of Nicholas Susi Piano Recital

Music: Worth the Work

Kate Miller

A final installment of the Spotlight Arts series is hitting the College of St. Scholastica market. Dr. Nicholas Susi, Assistant Professor of Music, is the final performer in a set of concerts targeting audiences of all ages and background. The goal of the performances are to provide unique experiences audience members will continue to think about after the concert’s conclusion.

The upcoming piano performance consists of pieces from some of Susi’s favorite composers, particularly Franz Liszt and Ludwig van Beethoven. Susi stated his program will be “very fitting for our Benedictine identity as CSS” as he incorporates the Benedictine practice of Lectio divina.

“Lectio divina refers to the prayerful reading of scripture or sacred text. One reads slowly, seeking to focus in on a sentence, phrase, or even single word. After repeatedly turning this excerpt over in one’s mind, spiritual contemplation and prayer help to guide one towards a new and deeper understanding of the text,” said Susi.

Preparing for a piano recital consists of many hours of practicing. Susi is fortunate he has been able to play sections of his program already in Missouri, Alabama, and Illinois this past month.

“I will also be taking some of my practicing into the Mitchell next week in order to feel ‘at home’ on that stage,” explained Susi.

Susi began playing piano at nine, later becoming serious with his playing in high school.

“I would say from age 15 I was filling up all of my free time with musical endeavors,” he said, “I guess you could call a musical vocation a ‘high-maintenance’ calling, because it requires so many hours of attention every day and will start to fade once you begin taking time off.”

However, “The reward of being able to live your life in music far outshines the work we put in,” he said.

With the hours of work Susi has put into preparing for the upcoming concert on Feb. 11, 2018 in the Mitchell Auditorium, audience members are sure to walk away with a new outlook on music resulting from a remarkable piano performance.