President Geary’s Inauguration to be held on October 14

Allie Brennhofer

For many people, the inauguration of President Colette Geary will be the first they have witnessed at the College of St. Scholastica. Former CSS President Larry Goodwin’s inauguration occurred over eighteen years ago.

The event will be held Friday, Oct. 14 and school officials have cancelled classes to ensure full participation by both students and professors alike.

Although it has been almost two decades since the last ceremony, the planning committee has borrowed and tweaked strategies to ensure a successful day.

For example, Vice President for College Advancement John Labosky said that instead of using the Mitchell Auditorium for the main ceremony, as they did for Goodwin, they will instead use the Reif gymnasium.

In addition to faculty, staff, and students, the Board of Trustees will be in attendance as well as representatives from other colleges such as Saint John’s University, the College of Saint Benedict, and the University of St. Thomas—Minnesota. Labosky added that these ceremonies tend to be more elaborate because the wish is that there will not be another inauguration for twenty or so years. There will also be speakers and music during the ceremony as well.

The Presidential Transition Committee, with Labosky as the chair, was created last year to ensure a smooth shift from Goodwin to the new president. Despite the obvious emphasis on finding a new president, the committee still wished to honor Goodwin for the work he had accomplished during his time here.

“We went on a six-month farewell tour. We took Larry to all these Alumni events. We did a wonderful recognition of him,” Labosky said.

The other main objective of the committee was to find and then instate the new president, which included an inauguration ceremony.

The part many students might be interested in is the fact that classes are canceled that day. However, the hope is that students will use their free time to participate in the inauguration, not to catch up on sleep or the latest Netflix binge.

“We want to encourage everyone to come. We want the faculty to be there — and they’ll be in regalia — we want the staff to be there, we want as many students as possible to be there … We did it at the same time as homecoming … We’re hoping that even though students have the day off, I mean it’s a Friday, that they don’t just scatter. We’re hoping that students stay here because there’s homecoming activities and they’re part of it,” Labosky said.

After the inauguration in the Reif, there will be a reception held on the floor of the field house in the Burns Wellness Commons.