Pokestops at St. Scholastica Removed From Game Interface

Alexa Jokinen

    Gotta catch ‘em all! Well, maybe not on St. Scholastica’s campus. With the Pokemon Go craze sweeping the nation, St. Scholastica decided to remove Pokestops that once were located at certain areas on the Duluth campus.

    Pokestops are “stops” in the Pokemon Go game where players can pick up items to assist them in their adventures. Pokestops give players free Pokeballs, potions, and other items necessary to catch ‘em all. Pokestops are located all over the world. Typically, they are stationed at places of interest, such as statues
or public buildings, or even train stations and different landmarks.

    Initially, there were a handful of Pokestops stationed at places of interest on campus. During the summer months, non-St. Scholastica Pokeaddicts would make their way to the campus to come and play. During many of these instances, there were reports of the students not acting very “saintly,” said Jason Chavez, student body president.

    After a few reports of difficulties with the Pokestops on campus, administration decided it would be best if the Pokestops were removed completely.

    A few students at St. Scholastica are deeply frustrated with the removal of the Pokestops. Their love for Pokemon was brought to a complete halt.

    “My favorite thing was that it made the walk from Kerst worth it, gotta hatch those eggs, you know?” said Sydney Sanchez, a fellow Pokemon Go player at CSS.

    Currently, Student Senate is working on a proposal in support of bringing back some of the Pokestops that were located on campus. With the help of Megan Perry-Spears and Sister Kathleen, this proposal “would be open to our Student Senate to vote upon and whether they would support it or not,” said Chavez.

    Students and staff would like to support the student’s desire to play Pokemon Go on campus. Not only do they want students to have fun, but of course, the
decision to remove aspects of the game on the CSS campus really doesn’t fit with our college’s Benedictine Values.

    “Hospitality is our Benedictine Value of the Year and by removing the Pokestops we are not being friendly or welcoming,” said Megan Perry-Spears.

    Within the next few weeks, Student Senate should know the verdict of the vote on the Pokestops being added back onto CSS campus. So until then, wait patiently Pokemon Goer’s.