New Support Service Offered at St. Scholastica

Katelyn Gehling

Walk-In Wednesdays are the newest form of mental health support offered at the College of St. Scholastica. Walk-In Wednesdays offer students the opportunity to meet with a counselor for a short, drop-in consultation that lasts 15 minutes at the most. These consultations are held each Wednesday from Nov. 1 to Dec. 13 at 11:45-12:45 p.m. in the Mitchell Kitchenette. At these brief meetings with counselors, students are able to discuss whatever is on their mind, such as anxiety, relationship problems, or roommate conflicts.

Walk-In Wednesdays were created by Leigh Branovan, a mental health therapist at St. Scholastica. According to Branovan, Walk-In Wednesdays were created to help offer quick support services for students in need. Also, they offer an opportunity for students to experience what a counseling session would be like. Walk-In Wednesdays are designed to be less formal and the counselors keep no written records of a student’s visit.

The idea behind them is to show students, “It’s not a scary thing to come see a counselor,” as stated by Branovan.

Walk-In Wednesdays offer students the opportunity of a quick consultation that can turn into finding what type of therapeutic help is right for them.

In accordance with Walk-In Wednesdays, St. Scholastica offers several other forms of mental health support on campus. Group support services are held weekly, individual counseling is available to all students, and students are able to receive referrals from counselors on campus to go elsewhere for their therapy sessions. Counseling services at St. Scholastica are also implementing a new program called WellTrack, which is a website that offers interactive self-help therapy. Appointments and further information about all counseling services offered at St. Scholastica are available in T2150.