Ned Talks: Sports and Weather

Ned the Narwhal

“Ned, what’s your favorite sport?”

Well, obviously it’s swimming. However, a close second would be water polo, but for some reason the ball keeps getting flat.

“I’m from California, and I don’t really like the weather here. How can people stand all of this snow this early in the year?”

Minnesotans are typically used to the weather because it is like this most years. However, people from this area really bundle up as well. They wear their hats, mittens, scarves, coats, snow pants, winter boots, etc. That way they don’t get too cold from the snow. Also, snow isn’t really all that bad. You can build so many things with snow, such as a snowman, a snow fort, or just have a snowball fight. Minnesotans make the most of their situation and decide to have fun. Plus, hot chocolate and hot apple cider are amazing this time of year!

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