Muslim Student Association Hosts an Islamic Culture Night

Alexa Jokinen

Last Friday night, Muslim Student Association hosted an Islamic culture night in the Mitchell Auditorium.

“The goal of Islamic culture night is to educate the students at St. Scholastica about the different cultures related with Islam,” said Eleni Birhane, a junior at St. Scholastica and president of the Muslim Student Association. “Most people have the misconception that Islam is synonymous with the Arab culture.”

At Islamic culture night, John Emery, a Muslim convert, spoke on the misconceptions of Islam. Additionally, there were many performances, such as a spoken word piece, a Persian musical act, a fashion show, and a performance from a group of belly dancers.

The large variety of acts “showed the different aspects of Islam in different cultures,” said Birhane.

After the show concluded, Muslim Student Association provided attendees with free dishes and treats from a series of countries that were showcased in the performances.

Between 50-75 students attended the free event and were very impressed by the speakers, performances, and food following the show.

Additionally, many students were enlightened by the mission of the Muslim Student Association which was represented through all the performances at Islamic culture night. Muslim Student Association strives to “educate students of St. Scholastica and tackle all the misconceptions that surround Islam,” said Birhane.

“I thought it was a very enriching cultural experience. The Keynote speaker was excellent, and so were all of the other performances. I was honored to be a part of the show,” said Mariah Ricci, a freshman Biology major.

With it’s first Islamic culture night under it’s belt, Muslim Student Association is looking forward to similar events to continue to spread awareness and tackle misconceptions the Islamic culture is up against.

“My experience at the Islamic Culture Night was extraordinary. It reminded me that the stereotypical Muslim is not a thing,” said Aisha Hassan, a junior Communication and Graphic Design major. “Muslims are from all over the world, whether they’re from Chaska, Minnesota, Indonesia, Kenya, or Turkey. We are all brothers and sisters in this world, and events like this where we can share each other’s customs and foods make it even truer.”