Minnesota Private College Speaker Addresses Senate

Allie Brennhofer

A consultant from the Minnesota Private College Council, Dennis Egan, spoke to Student Senate Sunday night about student involvement in the issues society faces.

The main point Egan tried to make was that involvement in political issues is incredibly important, especially at the Day at the Capitol that happens on Community Day of second semester.

“Don’t lose faith. And sincerely, be engaged. And take an active role. We also talk a lot about and have seen over the last number of years… people protesting. Good, bad, indifferent. However you feel about that, the issues are real,” Egan said.

Egan went on to talk about involvement in the Day at the Capitol, including that The College of St. Scholastica typically has the highest amount of students attend out of the private colleges in Minnesota.

He also spoke of the fact that 1 in 3 students at CSS receive the Minnesota State Grant, which is one of the reasons students go to the Capitol, to express gratitude and investment in the grant.

Vice President Zach Meikle presided over the meeting, as President Steph Peters was absent. The General Fund has $1,877.96 left in it. There is one Senate meeting left in the semester.