Megan Perry-Spears Addresses Senate

Megan Perry-Spears spent the majority of the Senate meeting explaining the new initiatives that are being taken to improve students’ sleep habits and discussing a new transportation option on campus.

Perry-Spears began her presentation by emphasizing the things that sleep impacts — namely anxiety and stress, memory, and the immune system. All of these things are negatively impacted when people get inadequate amounts of sleep. One statistic provided was that 47.1% of CSS students report getting two nights or less of adequate sleep per week. In order to combat this, the school is offering a few methods.

“We’ve talked to the faculty. We are asking them to move their deadlines. So, automatically… through Blackboard, the auto deadline is 11:59. Now, let’s be honest. If you were a mature human being, you wouldn’t work to the deadline… I still work to the deadline. So we need to move the deadline back. Because if you work to the deadline and the deadline is auto 11:59… There is no way you’re going to sleep until 1. And that’s assuming you hit send and go to bed, and there’s no Netflix or talking to your roommate,” Perry-Spears said.

Later on in the meeting, she added that no one can make the professors move their deadlines, but they can put pressure on them to switch the deadline time.

Another issue Perry-Spears brought up is registering for classes at midnight. Up until now, registration always occurs at midnight, which had been decided on and deemed fair by the Senate. The reasoning behind it is that midnight is a time where most students are free, where they are not working or in class. Most senators seemed open to changing the time up to 9:30 or 10 at night.

“I know a lot of students have talked to me, especially this year, about having to stay up till midnight one night and it just throws off their whole schedule and everything. And I guess … if we do move the registration deadline and the class deadline, right now everything is 11:59 so you just know that that’s the deadline. But if it’s going to end up being like ‘Oh my gosh, this professor’s deadline is 8:00, this one’s 10:00, registration is at 9:55,’ it just would be kind of overwhelming if they were all at slightly different times,” Senator Rachel Anderson said.

Continuity seemed to be the only real issue senators voiced about changing the times, which Perry-Spears noted and said she would take back to the committee in charge of this initiative.

The second topic Perry-Spears brought up is car sharing. Nothing has been signed yet, but the school is working with Enterprise Cars to have two cars on campus that can be rented out for periods of time with an hourly charge. Since they have not signed any paperwork yet, the price is still to be determined, but it will be somewhere between $4-$8 an hour.

Anyone with a license who is over 18 years of age can use these cars, including international students who have a license in their home country.

The committee chairs were picked over the past week and started at this meeting. Rachel Foss is the External/Collegiate Affairs chair, Nafisa Ibrahim is the Finance chair, Mark Loscheider is the Internal Affairs chair, Rachel Rees is the Student Activities chair, and Kaylee Petty is the 56 Nights chair.