Meet the Staff

Lexi Anderson

Lexi Anderson is a sophomore exercise physiology major/pre-physical therapy major, minoring in psychology. One day, Lexi would like to own her own physical therapy clinic. Lexi writes for the news and the arts and entertainment sections of the Cable. When she is not writing, Lexi enjoys hiking, reading, and going on adventures with friends.

Abigail Blonigen

Abigail Blonigen is editor-in-chief of the Cable, though she is helping virtually this semester as she is abroad in Quito, Ecuador. Abigail, a junior, is pursuing a triple major in Spanish, English, and global, cultural & language studies. She writes for all sections of the Cable and occasionally takes photos. Besides writing, Abigail enjoys traveling, hiking, and drinking coffee.

Sister Edith Bogue

Sister Edith Bogue is a Benedictine Sister and has been active with the Peace & Justice Lecture Series and Campus Ministry. She majored in history during college, received her master’s in generic social work practice, and then went into sociology and social work in her doctoral program. For The Cable, Sister Edith writes the Visum Monachae (A Sister’s View) column. She writes for The Cable because it’s fun, challenging, thought-provoking, and creative.

Allison Brennhofer

Allie Brennhofer is a senior humanities major, focusing on history, English, and women’s and gender studies, with a philosophy minor. Allie writes mainly for the news section, with a focus on Student Senate. She is also the interim news editor.

Breanna Cole

Breanna Cole is a sophomore biology major with a music minor, planning on pursuing a career in medical research.  Breanna writes for the news section, but she sometimes writes for arts & entertainment and takes pictures.

Katelyn Gehling

Katelyn Gehling is a freshman exercise physiology/pre-physical therapy major with a goal of receiving a doctorate of physical therapy. Besides writing for the Cable, she is on the women’s soccer team here at CSS, a member of the physical therapy club, and loves to explore the outdoors with friends and family.

Chad Graden

Chad Graden is a senior at St. Scholastica. He is currently studying in the education field and plans to become an English teacher, along with continuing to coach robotics and baseball within the school he works at. Chad writes for the “voice” section in The Cable and has his own column named “Hooah.” He is a combat veteran of Afghanistan and writes for The Cable because he wants people to understand a little more about the Veteran student.

DyAnna Grondahl

DyAnna Grondahl is a junior psychology and peace & justice double major, and German minor. DyAnna writes for all categories, and edits for the arts & entertainment and voices & opinions sections.

Rachel Grubb

Rachel Grubb is a senior psychology student at St. Scholastica. As of now, Rachel is plans to get her masters in Occupational Therapy and volunteer as a firefighter or paramedic. She is responsible for layout design and editing at The Cable. Rachel joined the newspaper because she enjoyed writing and designing, and figured it was a good way to actively keep herself conscious about local events.

Sam Hvidsten

Sam Hvidsten is a junior marketing and management double major. She usually writes and takes photos for the sports section, but dabbles in other categories.

Alexa Jokinen

Alexa Jokinen is a sophomore elementary education and Spanish double major, planning on being a bilingual elementary school teacher. Alexa writes for the news and arts & entertainment sections and is the social media guru for the Cable.

Emily Kiemele

Emily Kiemele is a freshman healthcare information management major, planning on pursuing a minor in health humanities. Emily writes articles for both the news and arts & entertainment sections.

Randi Lovelett

Randi Lovelett is a senior computer science major, with a concentration in software development. Besides spending a lot of time with computers, Randi likes to express her creative side by drawing, painting, and doing anything artsy. As a result, she contributes her drawing skills to the Cable by drawing her witty comic: The Adventures of Gigi & Biscuit. Randi also edits the cartoon section of the paper.

Kate Miller

Kate Miller is a freshman English major. Kate is enthusiastic toward most things concerning reading and writing. She writes articles for the Cable’s news and arts & entertainment categories but is always willing to try writing something new.

Libby Palokangas

Libby Palokangas is a freshman Spanish and English secondary education double major. Libby enjoys writing for all categories, but especially likes stories that are entertaining or funny.

Mykaila Peters

Mykaila Peters is a freshman Spanish and French education double major. Mykaila enjoys writing for a variety of categories, especially arts & entertainment.

Shawn Pohlmann

Shawn Pohlmann is a senior computer science/information systems major at The College of St. Scholastica. He hopes to be a software developer in the future. Shawn is a sports writer for The Cable, and writes for the paper because he already follows all of the sports at CSS and finds it interesting to talk to the athletes.

Amanda Rieffer

Amanda Rieffer is a senior biochemistry major with aspirations to get a Ph.D. in biochemistry/molecular biology. This is her second year of copy editing. She is also a chemistry lab TA, works in the School of Science, and has been doing research with Dr. Via. Besides studying, she enjoys yoga, running, photography, and is slowly turning into a sneakerhead.

Melinda Rydberg

Melinda Rydberg is a freshman biochemistry major, looking to go into pharmaceutical research and science. Melinda writes a literature column for the Cable, recommending books and other pieces of literature for fellow students to read.

Nick Stenstrup

Nick Stenstrup is a sophomore communications major with a concentration in journalism. He also plans to minor in photography. Besides writing and studying, he enjoys being a freelance photographer, watching the Green Bay Packers, and playing guitar in a band.

Heidi Voigt

Heidi Voigt is a freshman Spanish and English double major planning to receive a teaching license. She writes primarily for the news section and intends to focus on Student Senate.

Dylan Zimmerman

Dylan Zimmerman is a senior management major, with minors in communications and finance. He is in his third year as sports editor for the Cable, and also plays basketball for the men’s team here at CSS.