New VIP (Violence Intervention and Prevention) Coordinator and CSS alum, Michelle Ruszat. Photo by Joshua Klimek

Meet the New VIP Coordinator, Michelle Ruszat

The College of Saint Scholastica Welcomes Back 2014 Graduate

Breanna Cole

The quest for a new Violence Intervention Prevention coordinator is officially over. As of 2018 Spring semester, former College of St. Scholastica student, Michelle Ruszat, has earned this position. Ruszat graduated in 2014 with a double major in communications and Spanish.

“I kind of have a odd journey into my career. I got into the gender-based violence prevention because I needed to pay for school as a senior and ever since then I’ve been involved,” Ruszat said, “I realized that I missed working here for ending gender-based violence, and decided to give it a shot.”

Ruszat also described what the interview process for this position was like.

“I did a full day interview here, which was one of the longest job interviews I have done in my entire life. I thought it was important … that different groups of the community got to interact with each of the applicants. I also had the opportunity to do a community presentation. It was a really long day, but a very good day. I appreciated the approach.” Ruszat said.

With Ruszat being a former student, she said the process of coming back was nice and familiar. She said her office is always open to anyone, and this team is willing to support anyone in need.

“Overall, it was really nice being back here where I graduated from. It’s different being a staff member rather than a student. Although I recognize a lot of the people, I’m interacting with people I’ve never interacted with as a student, which is amazing.” Ruszat concluded.

The Violence Intervention Prevention program is intended to create a campus culture that is safe and equitable for everyone. The GEVA’s and other members of this program are semi-confidential resources, which means they are able to keep names and places confidential, but date and time will be recorded.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual or domestic violence and needs a confidential space to talk, reach out to the Violence Intervention Prevention program. Ruszat’s office is in Tower 2128 or she can be reached via email at or