Meet the Candidates

Upcoming Student Senate Elections Provide Excellent Candidates

DyAnna Grondahl

This spring semester has provided the Student Senate with a plethora of ups and downs. While the current administration is making it through, the time is coming to elect the students who will be in charge next year. Student senate elections will take place from Tuesday, April 4 through Thursday, April 6.

Jason Chavez-Cruz and Ixayana Gonzales

Jason Chavez-Cruz and Ixayana Gonzales are running together for President and Vice President, respectively. Chavez-Cruz studies organizational behavior, psychology and social work, and Gonzales is an organizational behavior and social work double major. Earlier this semester, Chavez-Cruz was pleased to hear what Megan Perry-Spears had to say about the possibilities for Senate. “She said everything I wanted to do,” he said. Chavez-Cruz and Gonzales hope to assist senate in its transition. Some of their major goals include: financial transparency, increasing senator numbers, responsible budgeting, and campus safety. With hopes to bring back the CSS sober cab, and distribute money more justly, Chavez-Cruz and Gonzales are running on a platform of making ideas happen.

Gabriel Graves and Monica Boyer

Gabriel Graves and Monica Boyer are also running for President and Vice President. Graves, a biology major ASL minor, and Boyer, an organizational behavior major, have been planning for this since their freshman year. The pair hopes to build community within Senate and the student body. Citing that Student Senate is really a body for which students come with concerns, Graves pointed out that he and Boyer really want to listen to students, address issues, and fulfill needs. After a semester break, Graves gladly returned to Senate this spring to increase his involvement on campus and enact positive change. Boyer, currently in Ireland, wrote in an email, “I’m excited to problem solve with the Senate and the student body. More importantly, I’m excited to listen to students to improve their college experience.”

Acknowledging Senate tension in previous meetings, Graves mentioned his hopes to foster a Senate that works together effectively and promotes student comfort for addressing issues.

“That’s really where the Benedictine Values come into play as well,” said Graves, “We just want to make a senate that is the student’s Senate.”

Administrative Vice President

Jocelyn Weigand, a junior biology major, is the current Administrative Vice President of Student Senate. She is running in hopes to keep said role. As the Administrative VP, Weigand makes meeting agendas, takes minutes, and maintains the Senate office while providing office hours to answer student questions. Her goal for the future of Senate is to make the group more tightly knit. That way, Senate can have more in-depth discussions, which, according to Weigand, would help with creating change in Senate. Weigand closed her interview expressing her genuine excitement for what is to come.

CSS students have a difficult choice to make this year. Candidates all suggested students contact them with any questions they may have.