Media Production Club Begins

Mykaila Peters

The College of St. Scholastica has a new media production club on campus. It consists of communication students as well as all students interested in radio, television, podcasts, and other aspects of broadcasting and communication technology. Students create podcasts that will be edited and available for listeners on the Podbean app under the Stormradio.

The club meets weekly on Fridays from 2-3pm in the Studio on campus (Science 1132). Senior History and Communications major, Alicia Tipcke, started the club last year with a group of friends who were interested in creating podcasts, editing, and writing scripts.

Tipcke said, “This year, with lots of help from other students, faculty, and staff, the club became official.”

She was inspired to create the program through her interest in both radio and television. Since CSS did not have any club with such components available, Tipcke hoped the club would create broadcasting opportunities on campus.

“Media is everywhere in the world and learning how to use communication equipment and create collaborative material can provide students with experience that will expand their career opportunities upon graduation,” Tipcke said.

Tipcke explained that the primary goal of the club is to create. Students are able to learn about different aspects of media while creating podcasts about their own interests. The club
provides an outlet for students to discuss their passions while learning valuable writing, recording, and collaboration skills.

“I would recommend students to join because it is a fun experience which offers opportunities to create content that could be used for portfolios and resumes. We have a lot of professional equipment in the Studio avaliable for all club members to use,” Tipcke said. “This club also offers the possibility of travel. Last year some students were able to visit the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas. There they were able to see the newest communication technology from companies like Sony, Google, Nikon, and hundreds more, including everything from cameras, sports live streaming technology, virtual reality, and almost anything you could think of. This allowed club members to see higher end technology that they may end up working with in the future.”

Tipcke explained that the best thing about the club is getting to create podcasts. It is a way to have fun while doing something that you may be passionate about.

Tipcke said, “You also have the chance to share ideas and discuss with others, all in an electric atmosphere.”

Goals for the club in the future include getting more interested members, branching out from podcasting to video, and attempting to establish live shows where students could call in with questions or requests. The club also hopes to visit New York to see ‘real world’ technology in use.

Any questions regarding the club or becoming a member contact the president, Alicia Tipcke, at or