Mayfest Returns!

Ellen Hansen

For the 39th year in a row, students at the college will be celebrating the fun-filled week of Mayfest. This year’s theme being “One Saint, Two Saint, Gold Saint, Blue Saint,” students can expect a plethora of Seuss-based puns and childhood callbacks. Festivities will be held from the 18th through the 24th of April.

Of the events being held, most will be familiar to CSS students, some being traditions from back when Mayfest first came to be. The Medallion hunt, for example, has been around since the beginning and will be returning as a search for the Whoville clover. Just the same, the Reif Run will be around for those who want to get out and have a little goofy, sporty fun. CAB advertising chair, Hannah Vickstrom, looks forward to this more than any event of the week.

“Last year, some people dressed up in costumes, and some people brought their dogs, and it was just a fun thing to experience,” said Vickstrom.

With Mayfest comes a fair amount of musical celebration. To kick it off, country singer Brandon Chase will be returning for an evening of song in the Mitchell Auditorium. In past years, Chase has been met with enthusiasm on campus, so his return is widely anticipated.

“The ladies really like him, so he’ll be our ‘Fox in Socks,’” said CAB co-president, Jake Spartz.

For Saints who love their cheesy cover bands and campus traditions, Johnny Holms and his crew will be back on Friday the 22nd. This year’s Cat in the Hat, Holms is a well-recognized figure around campus, and the dance- which drew between 25 and 50% of the student population last year; a massive turnout- will have a $5 entry free.

For those who are young at heart, this year’s Funfest will be held in the Reif gym on Tuesday the 19th. Featuring everything inflatable- from bungees to bootcamp- and loads of comfort food, students will be brought back to a point in their lives when reading Seuss was not only acceptable, but an encouraged way to spend one’s time.

“It’s like a circus for adults,” said Vickstrom.

A complete calendar of Mayfest events is included below. CAB will be tabling before and throughout the week of Mayfest to answer any questions. All students are encouraged to attend.

“There’s something in it for everyone,” said Spartz.

Monday 4/18
“The Fox in Socks,” Brandon Chase- Mitchell @ 8pm

Tuesday 4/19
Mission IMPROVable in “Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!”- BWC 249 @ 8pm

Wednesday 4/20
“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” Reif Run- Lot 7 @ 2pm
All School Barbeque- GDR @ 4:30pm- 6:30pm
Deal or No Deal- SML @ 7pm

Thursday 4/21
“I Had Trouble Getting to Solla Sollew,” Funfest!- Reif Gym @ 7pm- 10pm

Friday 4/22
The Cat in the Hat at The Johnny Holm Dance- Reif Gym @ 9pm- 1am

Saturday 4/23
“Horton Sees a Movie”- Science Auditorium @ 7pm-10pm

Sunday 4/24
Mayball- “How the Grinch Stole *3rd Base.*”- Reif Gym (Time TBD)