Literature with Linda

Literature with Melinda: “the sun and her flowers”

Melinda Rydberg

This week’s literature recommendation is straying off on a tangent once again, which happens to be poetry. Poetry is truly a beautiful form of writing that can express raw emotion. With finals coming up, students may feel that it is best not to read an entire book when they should really be studying for their exams. Nonetheless, preparing for finals can be a very stressful and emotional time for some people, and it is best to take as many breaks as needed. Poetry is a great way to take quick breaks, get one’s mind off of schoolwork for a while, and express emotion.

This week’s poetry book, “the sun and her flowers” by Rupi Kaur, is filled with amazing poems that really connect to readers emotionally. The poems are split into five chapters, which take readers on a journey of wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming—which is stated by Kaur’s mother to be the “recipe of life.” This indicates that the collection of poetry is about getting back up when one is down; it is about growth, healing, and resilience.

Kaur writes these poems from her own experience as an Indian immigrant to Canada when she was a young girl, and the poems are full of raw emotion and real experiences. Though many people reading this collection of poems are in the same shoes as Kaur, the poems are still very relatable to one’s own problems and concerns.

Please take the time to pick up this book and read a few poems, even if one does not always enjoy reading poetry. Everyone will be able to connect with at least a couple poems throughout the book, as it varies from self-confidence to love, from family to sacrifice. Happy reading, good luck on finals, and in case poetry is truly not one’s favorite, stay tuned for the next literature recommendation.