Literature with Linda

Literature with Melinda: The Glass Castle

Melinda Rydberg

With school back in full swing and homework piling up, a good way to relieve some stress is to pick up a good book. Spending time wrapped up in a warm blanket, drinking hot chocolate, and reading a book sounds like a perfect way to forget about the stress of school for a little bit. This week’s literature recommendation, however, is not just any old book; it happens to be a memoir.

In the memoir The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, she recounts her life growing up in poverty with two very dysfunctional parents. She writes about how her and her siblings had to learn to take care of themselves while her father drank, and her mother ran away from the idea of raising a family. The children took care of and protected each other from the very beginning, and, working together, eventually wound up in New York where they prospered. This memoir is a tale of resilience, and it shows just how strong a family can be when they stick together and are always there for each other.

Please take the time to read The Glass Castle because it is not only a great book to read for fun, but it also has many important lessons about loyalty, strength, and survival to teach readers. This story will help students escape from the stress of school, yet it is still short enough to allow plenty of time for studying. In addition, once one has finished reading the book, The Glass Castle is a new film that was recently released in 2017, which is another great way to spend some extra free time. Happy reading, and come back next week for another great literature recommendation.