Literature with Linda

Literature with Melinda: “Soul Surfer”

Melinda Rydberg

Most of the books that were recommended in the past were all fictional novels—either historical, modern, or futuristic. For this week’s literature recommendation, however, a nonfiction novel is being introduced. This is extra special because instead of being a made-up story, the book is actually based all on real events and real people. This can make the book much more interesting or more impactful knowing that the events written in the book actually took place in real life.

This week’s literature recommendation, however, is not only nonfiction, but it is in fact an autobiography. This means that the true story was actually written by the person the events happened to in real life. “Soul Surfer” was written by Bethany Hamilton and is a story of her life after a very traumatic experience. Hamilton writes about her childhood and growing up surfing in Hawaii. By the time she was eight, Hamilton was already surfing in big competitions, and she had a very promising surfing career awaiting her. That was until a shark attack left her with no left arm and no hope. She was completely discouraged, but with the help of family and friends, she slowly became more and more hopeful, working hard every single day. She focused on her goal and never looked back.

After reading this novel and seeing the determination and strength Hamilton had, there is really no excuse for not working towards one’s dreams. This novel of Hamilton’s life as a surfer is a tale of absolute courage and persistence that is sure to inspire all readers. If students have a little free time or need to take a break from studying, this novel is always a good one to read for some extra inspiration to stay strong and work hard to meet one’s goals—even if it’s just getting all those essays and projects done on time. Happy reading and come back next week for another great literature recommendation!