Letter to the Editor: Voting (Hopefully)

Mitchell Gertken

For the vast majority of my life, I’ve had very little interest in political affairs. Where I may have taken my stance on a particular social issue or two, I rarely did anything to make a statement, for fear that it might lead to…less than positive effects in my personal life. But now, I’m older! I’m more confident, more experienced, and fearful of fewer things. And, in the long run, I’d like to think that I can understand political issues with a little more clarity than I once could. That doesn’t make November 8 any less frightening for me, and from what I’ve heard, mine isn’t an uncommon opinion.

For an incredible amount of young adults — myself included — this upcoming election will be the first meaningful political event we’ve taken part in. A person is at liberty to say whatever they wish about the candidates or their supporters. By Nov. 8, regardless as to who is chosen, the entire country will be forever changed. Now, I won’t say whether I’m for one candidate or another; in this volatile environment, anything close to a party statement is a death sentence. However, I would hope for you to allow this writer to suggest one thing: vote.

Say the system doesn’t work every time. Complain about the bureaucratic workarounds few people have ever hear of. Protest to the injustices done to people forgotten by common society, the silent screams of the maltreated, the oft-forgotten dreams of optimism and hope. Think of it all.

This country, even with all of its faults, is a nation built on the opinions of the people. That means our mothers, our fathers, our professors, our fellow students, me, you…we all have a say in what we want our nation to become — what we wish to be remembered for. Of all the times to make a statement, I can’t find a better one than this election.

So…vote! Please.