Letter to the Editor: The Election’s Effect on Large Issues

Chase Wood

Everyone is caught up on what one candidate says one week and what the other says the next. The media blows all of this way out of proportion, and I think they are drawing voters away from a major issue that goes beyond the next four or eight years. Whoever becomes the next president will appoint one new justice to the Supreme Court, and could appoint a total of three or four Supreme Court justices over the term of their presidency.

This could have a huge impact on some of the more recent Supreme Court rulings and larger issues our country currently faces. These rulings and issues include 2nd Amendment rights, the Roe v. Wade decision, LGBTQ rights and many more. I am all for people getting out and voting, especially younger voters. However, I think it is equally important for them to know what they are voting for, and how it will affect the nation now and beyond the next four to eight years.