Letter to the Editor: Our Votes Do Not Count

Deanna Keller

November 8 will be the eighth presidential election that I have been part of since reaching voting age. Four times in history, the United States has experienced the mismatch between the popular vote and the Electoral College. The last one in 2000 convinced me that my vote didn’t matter, yet I continued to vote in the next two elections and will also vote in this one.

Yes, I still believe that my vote does not matter in the outcome of who is elected; however, I vote to send the message that I, as a U.S. citizen, do not give up my right. This time around, I have been appalled at the slander and smear campaigns of both parties involved. Where are the qualities of dignity, class and integrity that should be present in our elected officials and those who run for office? Perhaps, since the voice of the common people such as myself, does not come into play — the circus is for the other performers (politicians) and not the audience.